Here's a link to the full video from the Earl Ingram Show on March 26th featuring League of Progressive Seniors leader, Karen Royster. Listen and see why we're so focused on big money in our local county board elections.

Read an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about the County Budget problems by Rob Henken, president of the Wisconsin Policy Forum

View coverage of Money for Millionaires action on WISN

On November 27th, LPS members with buckets and bells were downtown collecting money for the rich.

Read Ben Handelman and Katie Delong’s article on the Fox6 website.

“Catering to the rich:” Protesters gather ahead of Gov. Walker/Pres. Trump fundraiser in Milwaukee
Photo: Fox 6 News

Read Jason Stein's piece in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Wisconsin continues to lose out
under Republicans' Obamacare
repeal legislation
Photo: Jacquelyn Martin/AP

Read the CBO revised scoring of the AHCA. Pretty scary. Click here.

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Healthcare Reform the Wisconsin Way
photo Getty Images