League Kick-off Action - March 23rd

Trumpcare is DOWN THE DRAIN!

By now you’ve heard that House Speaker Ryan, at the direction of the President decided to pull the American Health Care Act before a scheduled vote this afternoon in the House of Representatives.


They didn’t have the votes. After all these years and all their big talk, the Republicans had nothing to offer but giant tax cuts for the rich. Meanwhile, the pressure has been intense and consistent at Town Hall meetings with huge crowds turning out across the country specifically to push for keeping ACA/Obamacare. That, together with millions of calls and letters, put Congress on notice. The days when nobody was watching but the lobbyist are over.


Is this a victory? Absolutely! But this is a war with many battles and we are just getting started.

The League of Progressive Seniors is not going to quit.

We’re not putting our feet up and congratulating ourselves. (Well, maybe a little.) We’re going to do what we need to do which is double down on resistance, recruit more members, and build capacity for the next battle. If we stick together, we can stop them in their tracks!