Wisconsin Election 2018
Where can we win?
Where should we invest our time and money?
What about the Blue Wave?


Come to lunch!
Friday July 13, 2018 at noon
Knickerbocker Hotel - 1028 E. Juneau Ave. Milwaukee

Join us for lunch to hear from political experts about:
   • the Wisconsin State Senate and Assembly races
   • the US Senate and Congressional races
   • Where are the viable progressive candidates
   • How will their elections impact the state legislature and the US Congress
   • How can we help them win
   • What's happening in Wisconsin and throughout the state.

Erin E. Forrest is the Executive Director of Emerge Wisconsin, an organization dedicated to inspiring Democratic women to run for office and teaching them the skills they need to win. Before joining Emerge, Erin served on the Waterloo City Council, as Chair of the Democratic Party of Jefferson County, and Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin's County Chairs' Association. Erin lives in Waterloo with her daughter and son.
Sachin Chheda is an experienced communications, advocacy and nonprofit management professional, working primarily with nonprofit, labor, and political clients. He is a frequently utilized source for political and business reporters, and was named a “ Behind the Scenes Power Player ” by Gannett Media and one of the nation’s  500 top “Influencers”  by Campaigns & Elections magazine. He currently works with Nation Consulting. He has worked for and with Governors, Congressional Reps, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and he advises many political and judicial campaigns throughout Wisconsin, including the Fair Maps redistricting effort. Sachin and his wife Angela live on Milwaukee's East Side with their four children.

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Sign Our Petition!

Our local democracy is under attack. County Executive Chris Abele is using his vast wealth to undermine our local election process. Since January 1, 2018, he has poured $379,486.84 into campaigns to unseat four County Board Supervisors who have opposed him on County budget and policy issues including the wheel tax, pay to park, senior center and emergency shelter funding.

Abele is using a sham organization called Leadership MKE to hide how much money he personally is throwing at these campaigns. Nearly all of the money spent has gone to out of state printing, advertising, and mailing firms. Thanks to the WI Campaign Finance Information System, we know exactly where the dollars are going!

Supervisor campaigns typically cost $5,000 to $25,000. In the four campaigns targeted, Abele has spent an average of $94,871.71 so far! Chris Abele is trying to BUY a County Board that will always agree with him. It's time to say NO to big money in local elections. Tell Chris Abele to keep his millions out of our elections!

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