Unite to protest Trump and Walker event Tuesday, June 13!

Donald Trump is coming to Milwaukee on Tuesday, June 13 to host a fundraising event for Scott Walker. The event is scheduled from 5-7 pm but the location has not been announced.

Why is the location secret?

Event planners are afraid we will all be there to express our profound opposition to these men and their disastrous policies.

And they are right! 

Progressive groups are organizing people throughout southeastern Wisconsin to rally against Trump and Walker at this event.

Progressive Seniors -This is important!

We need to show the public that we will not allow these men to destroy our state and nation. We have a huge stake in this fight - for ourselves and the generations left with the mess they are making.

These two men are working to undermine our communities, our services, our environment and our foreign policies so that their rich friends can get richer. It is our job to say NO in as many ways and places as we can.

This event will be covered by national media. We want Trump and Walker to feel our anger, we want the national media to show how many people in Wisconsin are fighting to stop them.

Tuesday June 13 at 5pm
Suit up and show up in protest.

We will let you know the location as soon as possible.
Call your friends and family.
Be ready to demonstrate what Democracy looks like!