Help us Raise Money for Millionaires

The wealthy are worried.

They don’t feel rich enough to meet their growing needs. Private jets are getting more expensive. They are so desperate, they have designed a tax bill to cut their costs by millions. But it will add $1.5 TRILLION  to the American debt. Let’s protect the American economy by collecting money for the millionaires so they don’t need to bankrupt the United States.

Do your part as a patriot!

Join us at Sen. Ron Johnson’s office
Monday, November 27th at 12:00 Noon

We’ll hear a pep talk and then go in pairs to perfect spots downtown.

With out buckets and noisemakers, we will collect money from passers-by throughout the lunch hour. We will bring our collections back to Senator Johnson so he can pass the money on to the millionaires and tell them that a tax cut is no longer necessary. If we don’t raise enough money on Monday, we will schedule a bake sale in the near future.

For more info, contact Karen ( [email protected] )

Stop the Tax Plan by the Wealthy for the Wealthy

The Republican Tax Plan is on a fast track in the Senate with a vote in the coming two weeks. This would be a disaster for the United States.
This tax plan:

  • redistributes money from the middle-class to the wealthy,
  • cuts funds for public infrastructure that would pay for police, parks and education
  • destabilizes Obamacare, leaving over 13 million people without health care
  • adds 1.5 trillion to the national budget deficit – the kind of debt that will require major cuts to Social Security and Medicare in the near future.

How will this plan affect your pocketbook?

By 2027, every income level below seventy-five thousand dollars a year will face a tax increase, while everybody above that level will have a continued tax decrease, with the greatest cut in taxes accruing to those making more than a million dollars a year.

Time Magazine provides a calculator that shows how the tax plan affects different income groups (income includes salary and benefits.) See an example below:
  • A household with an income of $40,000 now pays $4,360 in taxes (10.9%)
  • Under the Republican plan, in 2019, the household would pay $3,960 (9.9%) saving $400.
  • By 2027, the tax rate will rise to 11.5%, and the family will pay $4,600 -- $240 more than their current tax cost. Source: Joint Committee on Taxation