Our Homeless Citizens Need Help.
It's Cold!

If you can get there -
Noon tomorrow
Saturday, November 17th
6th and Clybourn

Street Angels Milwaukee Outreach and concerned citizens will meet at 6th and Clybourn Street to demand that homeless people in Milwaukee have protection from the freezing temperatures this winter.  
“On any given night, there are about 1,000 people homeless in Milwaukee.  Some are in shelters but many aren’t,” according to Shelly Sarasin, Street Angels’ co-founder. “When winter comes, we don’t have enough shelter space for people. We need a new approach to protecting people in winter.

The Street Angels are advocating for:

1) increasing the temperature trigger for Milwaukee warming rooms to 32 degrees
2) significantly increasing public funding for this basic lifesaving responsibility
3) utilizing vacant or unused public buildings to provide safe, sanitary, and decent temporary housing to people who would otherwise be left outside in the cold.

Imagine if you were homeless.