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Foxconn vs. County Senior Programs
Thursday, September 28
Knickerbocker Hotel
1028 E Juneau Ave
Speakers: Michael Rosen and Stephanie Sue Stein  
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Foxconn is hazardous to healthcare and services

Foxconn's agreement with Governor Walker will "put a $1 billion strain on the state’s budget.  An analysis by the Legislature’s Fiscal Bureau (LFB) projects the credits would drain more than $1 billion from the state’s general fund  which pays for schools, colleges, universities, health care and other programs. The impact would be most acute from 2021 through 2026, when the credits would cost the general fund between $169 million and $196 million each year.

" According to Jon Peacock, (Wisconsin Council on Children and Families) funding for education and Medicaid  (the health coverage program for the poor or disabled) are most jeopardized by the strain the Foxconn deal will put on the budget, he said."  (Wisconsin State Journal, 8/27/17) 

These cuts will be implemented on the local level as County governments lose state aid for programs serving senior citizens, low income families and people with disabilities. Michael Rosen and Stephanie Sue Stein will discuss the issues involved. LPS members will review the information and decide how the group can help protect health and human services for senior citizens in this context.

SPEAKER:  Foxconn
Michael Rosen

Dr. Michael Rosen is an Economist who recently retired as Chairman of the MATC Economics Department and President of American Federation of Teachers
Local 212.

SPEAKER:  County Budget
Stephanie Sue Stein

Stephanie Sue Stein is an Advocate for Senior Citizens. She was Director
of the Milwaukee County Department on Aging for 22 years and recently
retired as Director of the Interfaith Older Adult Programs..