The GOP undead are back to
devour US healthcare

We thought the Republican Senate version of Trumpcare was dead last week, but it is has come back to life and is trying to break down Congressional rules to become law. The Senate Healthcare plan is called a budget reconciliation bill so it only needs 51 votes to pass. The procedural umpire of the Congress - AKA the Parliamentarian --  has ruled that several provisions of the Senate plan do not meet the criteria for a budget reconciliation bill ( Click here for more ). On Tuesday, The Senate will decide  whether to consider the new Healthcare Bill. If they vote to proceed, the actual vote will take place Thursday.
How do we save our healthcare system?

1) Indivisible has a national strategy:
Next steps for TrumpCare—and what you can do to stop it (again).
McConnell is pushing yet again for a vote next week on a bill to fully repeal the ACA without a replacement in sight. This is called a “clean repeal,” and it would have catastrophic consequences. You can use our new explainer to know the facts on “clean repeal” and hold your MoC accountable.

We estimate the first procedural vote—the “Motion to Proceed”—to take place as early as Tuesday. If that passes, the Senate will debate the bill until Thursday, and then vote on final passage.

Urge your senator to vote NO on the motion to proceed on the clean repeal bill. If you thought TrumpCare was bad, a clean repeal is even worse. Keep up those office visits, protests, and calls. We’ve got a new call script right here.

2. Act Locally - Press Conference and Candlelight Vigil 

Monday July 25 -Senator Johnson's Office
517 East Wisconsin Avenue

12:30 pm - 1:15     Press Conference: State Rep. Latonya Johnson introduces Badgercare Expansion Bill

8:30 pm - 10:15   Candle-light vigil against Trumpcare led by Rev. Lewis (Pastors United.)

We are asking Senator Johnson to vote against the motion to proceed with a vote on Healthcare. (There is no indication what the vote is for - repeal, the new Senate Bill, etc. McConnell is asking Senators to just vote to move ahead and find out what they are voting on later.)

They are hoping we get distracted and
give up the fight.