Senate Vote on Healthcare
Coming Thursday, July 20

Thank You, Dave Horsey

Senate Vote on Healthcare Delayed
for Sen. McCain's Surgery
A multi-organization vigil at Senator Ron Johnson's office was planned for Wednesday evening to show opposition to the Senate HealthCare bill. The Senate vote was scheduled for Thursday, July 20. Senate Majority Leader McConnell has announced that the vote will be delayed until John McCain returns to the Senate following eye surgery because his vote is needed to pass the bill. When the vote is re-scheduled, we will organize a vigil for the night before the vote.

What is to be done?  LOTS!!!

MONDAY July 17
Let's stop the GOP health care bill BRCA with a NO vote on the Motion to Proceed this week. We are doing a massive phone call effort
Monday July 17 and need your help.
Call Ron Johnson
DC: 202.224.5323
Oshkosh 920.230.7250
Milwaukee 414.276.7282

1)  Citizen Action, MTEA, School Board Director Tony Baez, educators and parents stand up for our children in opposition to the
Trumpcare bill.
WHEN: July 18, 2017 at  9:45am - 10:30am
WHERE:  MPS Central Office at 5225 W Vliet St


Justin Bielinski · [email protected] · 414-208-9283
2) Call and email Senator Johnson when the CBO review is complete showing how many people lose healthcare and how many millionaires get richer.

Sensenbrenner's Town Hall Show Closes for the Season
July 6 was the last performance of Cong. Sensenbrenner's "I talk to the people" theater piece which was shown about 75 times in 2017. It has gotten a little boring. The sets are plain. The Congressman sits at a table in the front, hands folded and face set.
The room is filled. Outside the door, another 50 people wait in line. People inside the room are told to be polite or the Congressman will get angry and leave. Some people express their opinions with signs that say agree or disagree. People are asked for comments or questions. Sensenbrenner's answers are very long and self-congratulatory so generally no more than four or five people are heard. When the audience disagrees aloud, the Congressman bangs his gavel and threatens to close the discussion - which he has actually done.

Outside the building, protesters march, chant and talk to the press. At the July 6 event, many diverse groups attended -- Indivisible Wauwatosa, Indivisible Jefferson County, Indivisible Milwaukee, the League of Progressive Seniors, SEIU, Huddles, and individuals frustrated by Sensenbrenner's fictional concern for his constituents. In May, Sensenbrenner voted for a Trumpcare plan that undermines Medicaid support for working people, seniors, the elderly and people with disabilities. At one point, special guests appeared like the ghosts of our political future if we don't repeal and replace many congresspersons.

The show has closed for the season. Sensenbrenner was praised for holding the hearings because so few Congresspeople did. However, the Congressman ignored his constituents' stories and fears. He voted with his party regardless of the impact on the people who put him  in office. That's why they call it political theater.