Chris Abele-funded group is pouring nearly $1,000,000 into campaigns to reshape Milwaukee County Board

Here's a link to the full video from the Earl Ingram Show on March 26th featuring League of Progressive Seniors leader, Karen Royster. Take a listen and you'll understand why we're so focused on the issue of big money in our local county board elections.

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Our local democracy is under attack. County Executive Chris Abele is using his vast wealth to undermine our local election process. Since January 1, 2018, he has poured $379,486.84 into campaigns to unseat four County Board Supervisors who have opposed him on County budget and policy issues including the wheel tax, pay to park, senior center and emergency shelter funding.

Abele is using a sham organization called Leadership MKE to hide how much money he personally is throwing at these campaigns. Nearly all of the money spent has gone to out of state printing, advertising, and mailing firms. Thanks to the WI Campaign Finance Information System, we know exactly where the dollars are going!

Supervisor campaigns typically cost $5,000 to $25,000. In the four campaigns targeted, Abele has spent an average of $94,871.71 so far! Chris Abele is trying to BUY a County Board that will always agree with him. It's time to say NO to big money in local elections. Tell Chris Abele to keep his millions out of our elections!

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Photos from the rally on March 28th

Normally County Board elections are not a major event.
This year things are different.

County Executive Abele got frustrated when County Supervisors opposed his budget. Abele wants what he wants and gets rid of those who disagree.  He set up Leadership MKE to bankroll candidates running  against the County Supervisors who disagreed. Leadership MKE/Abele hired canvassers, printed materials, ran social media and campaign activities against his “enemy’s list.”  And the contracts went to out-of-state businesses.  

Click the link to view coverage on Channel 58:
Five questions Fox6 asked Leadership MKE's spokesman, George Aldrich, about Leadership MKE’s operations, spending and plans for the last 6 days of the spring campaign:
  1. Is it heavy-handed, as Chris’s critics say, to have spent $508,000 on five County Board races to-date when the 10 candidates in those races have spent a combined $51,000? (This data uses your CFIS expenditures and the 10 candidates’ county campaign finance filings.)

  2. Chris’s critics say the five endorsed candidates have “been bought.” What did these candidates commit to before earning the group’s endorsement?

  3. I’ve taken 2 photos of ads in District 1 dropped off at my desk by two co-workers this week. The purplish one includes Leadership MKE’s disclaimer at the bottom. The white one (I’ve taken photos of both sides but excluded the top for the privacy of my co-workers) does not, though it came from the same mailing address. Does Leadership MKE acknowledge an error here?

  4. What is Chris’s budget for these five races? I see he has contributed $790,000 to Leadership MKE as of Monday.

  5. Can you provide some details on Leadership MKE’s advertising plans for the final six days of the campaign? More mailers? Digital ads? Radio ads? TV ads?

Aldrich answered with a one sentence email that did not address most of the questions.
Click the link to read the article from the FOX6 site.

If County Executive Abele buys our County governance system, he makes all the decisions. If he owns the County Board, community groups who oppose him have nowhere to go and no one to stand up for them.

This is NOT what democracy looks like!
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League of Progressive Seniors marched with thousands of fellow Milwaukeeans - all of us saying #Enough. We marched for our lives, but mostly we marched for theirs. Our kids and grandkids.