Great News! We won!

The County Executive Power Grab Bill (SB777) is off the legislative table this session. Thanks to all of your emails and calls, Chairperson Stroebel of the Senate Committee pulled it off the agenda for this session. The legislative session is over, so the bill is dead - for now.

This is an important victory for democratic governance and we all did it together.

Seniors Rock!!

Opportunities Coming up to Make Your Voice Heard!

Public Input Session
Wednesday, February 28
9:00 - 10:30 AM
Washington Park Senior Center
4420 West Vliet Street

Milwaukee County Department on Aging is creating their 2019-2021 Area Plan. This plan will define the Department on Aging’s goals for the next three years. Your input is important. Help direct the work we do serving older adults.

We need people to attend this meeting and talk about senior centers, home delivered meals and senior advocacy.

They want to hear from us!

Seniors at Kelly Senior Center - March 16th

Milwaukee County Department of Aging has trouble keeping its stories straight. First, seniors are told that a research report said that the senior centers are in pretty good condition and then they learn that the director has told the County Board the buildings are in 'dire' shape. Which is it, Milwaukee County Department on Aging?

Seniors really care about senior centers. Every seat is filled! Folks asking tough questions about the County’s plans.

League of Progressive Seniors is proud to support the student walk-out at Shorewood High School. We are inspired by these students and stand with them.