Good News!
LPS's Patty Yunk  Has Been Named a Member of
the Fair Deal for Milwaukee County Workgroup.

We're Proud of Her!

Monday, County Board Chairman Theodore Lipscomb, Sr., and County Executive Chris Abele officially announced the launch of the “Fair Deal for Milwaukee County” and signed its legislation. Lipscomb’s initiative was adopted by the board earlier. This legislation establishes a workgroup for the purpose of identifying options to support long term fiscal stability in Milwaukee County, along with better public services and higher state funding of mandated services. Lipscomb and Abele will co-chair the workgroup which will address the greater and greater imbalance between the tax revenue which goes from Milwaukee County to the state and the amount the County receives back toward performing mandated services.

Patty Yunk

These are the members of the workgroup:
Chris Abele and Theodore Lipscomb Sr., co-chairs
Stephanie Bloomingdale, Wisconsin State AFL-CIO
Marty Brooks, Wisconsin Center District
PJ DiStefano, Milwaukee Public Museum Board of Directors
Jim Goulee, Preserve Our Parks
Bryan Kennedy, Mayor of Glendale, Intergovernmental Cooperation Council (ICC)
Walter Lanier, MATC and Progressive Baptist Church
David Liners, WISDOM
Paul Mathews, Marcus Center for the Performing Arts
Fred Royal, NAACP Milwaukee
Tim Sheehy, Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Chamber (MMAC)
Dave Steele, Regional Transit Leadership Council
Barbara Wyatt Sibley, Milwaukee County Commission on Aging
Julia Taylor, Greater Milwaukee Committee
Patty Yunk, League of Progressive Seniors
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