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Our local democracy is under attack. County Executive Chris Abele is using his vast wealth to undermine our local election process. Since January 1, 2018, he has poured $379,486.84 into campaigns to unseat four County Board Supervisors who have opposed him on County budget and policy issues including the wheel tax, pay to park, senior center and emergency shelter funding.

Abele is using a sham organization called Leadership MKE to hide how much money he personally is throwing at these campaigns. Nearly all of the money spent has gone to out of state printing, advertising, and mailing firms. Thanks to the WI Campaign Finance Information System, we know exactly where the dollars are going!

Supervisor campaigns typically cost $5,000 to $25,000. In the four campaigns targeted, Abele has spent an average of $94,871.71 so far! Chris Abele is trying to BUY a County Board that will always agree with him. It's time to say NO to big money in local elections. Tell Chris Abele to keep his millions out of our elections!

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Let Chris Abele know our County government is not for sale!

Wednesday, March 28 at 12 Noon
at the Leadership MKE office

1314 South 1st. Street

Normally County Board elections are not a major event.
This year things are different.

County Executive Abele got frustrated when County Supervisors opposed his budget. Abele wants what he wants and gets rid of those who disagree.  He set up Leadership MKE to bankroll candidates running  against the County Supervisors who disagreed. Leadership MKE/Abele hired canvassers, printed materials, ran social media and campaign activities against his “enemy’s list.”  And the contracts went to out-of-state businesses.    
How much money has Abele paid to buy his own Board members?
$94,940.24 to Casey Shorts campaign to oust
Theo Lipscomb - current County Board Chair
$52,345.98 to Sylvia Ortiz Velez
campaign to oust
Peggy West - Board Finance Committee Chair
$116,056.00 to Patti Logsdon campaign
to beat
Steve Taylor - the Board's 2nd Vice-Chairperson
$116,144.62 to James Davies
campaign to stop
Steven Shea - local progressive
$10,000.00 to Felicia Martin

$64,856.67 for other campaign research and expenses

Total - $454,343.51
If County Executive Abele buys our County governance system, he makes all the decisions. If he owns the County Board, community groups who oppose him have nowhere to go and no one to stand up for them.

This is NOT what democracy looks like!


As part of a nation-wide protest against gun violence, Milwaukee young people and their supporters will meet at 10 am on Saturday, March 24 at the County Courthouse (901 N 9th St, Milwaukee.) The March For Our Lives will go from the County Courthouse to City Hall.  This is an opportunity for people from throughout the Milwaukee area to act together against federal and state laws that do not protect Americans from the ongoing threat of injury and death due to easy access to guns, assault rifles and mechanisms that make guns even more dangerous.

Seniors at Kelly Senior Center - March 16th

Milwaukee County Department of Aging has trouble keeping its stories straight. First, seniors are told that a research report said that the senior centers are in pretty good condition and then they learn that the director has told the County Board the buildings are in 'dire' shape. Which is it, Milwaukee County Department on Aging?

Seniors really care about senior centers. Every seat is filled! Folks asking tough questions about the County’s plans.

League of Progressive Seniors is proud to support the student walk-out at Shorewood High School. We are inspired by these students and stand with them.